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Spring Inventory

Plant NameVarietyContainerPrice
Ageratum Blue Hawaiiflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
AlyssumWhiteflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
AlyssumPurpleflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
BegoniaWhite green leafflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
BegoniaVodka bronze leafflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
BegoniaRose Bronze Leafflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
BegoniaRed green leafflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
BegoniaPink green leafflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
BegoniaPink bronze leafflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
BegoniaMix green leafflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
BegoniaDragon Wing Red3" packet$2.50
BegoniaDragon Wing Pinkn3" packet$2.50
BroccoliGreen MAgicflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
CabbageRed Dynastyflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
CabbageBlue Vantageflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
CantalopeManerva3" packet$2.50
CelosiaNew Lookflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
CelosiaGlorious Mix shortflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
CelosiaFresh Lookkflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
ColeusWizard Mixflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
Coleusseveral varietiesflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
CucumberMarketmore3" packet$2.50
CucumberBush Pickle3" packet$2.50
CucumberBush Crop
3" packet
CucumberBurpless Tasty Green3" packet$2.50
DahliaFigero Mixflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
DianthusLavender Picoteeflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
DianthusIdeal Mixflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
Dusty MillerSilver Dustflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
Geraniumsmany colors4" pots$8.25
Geraniumsmany colors6", 8". 10", 14" pots
Hanging basktesmany colors and varieties10", 12", 14"
HerbThyme3" packet$2.50
HerbSage3" packet$2.50
HerbRosemary3" packet$2.50
HerbParsley3" packet$2.50
HerbDill3" packet$2.50
HerbCelantro3" packet$2.50
HypoestesSplash Roseflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
HypoestesSplash redflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
ImpatiensWhiteflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
ImpatiensVioletflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
ImpatiensSunPatiens various colorsflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
ImpatiensSalmonflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
ImpatiensRedflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
ImpatiensMixflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
ImpatiensLipstickflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
ImpatiensBright orangeflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
ImpatiensBlue Pearl
flats & packets$16.99/$1.99
Kaleflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
LettuceButter Crunch3" packet$2.50
lobeliaRiviera Midnight Blueflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
MarigoldPerfection Yellowflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
MarigoldPerfection Orangeflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
MarigoldJanie Yellowflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
MarigoldJanie Orange Flameflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
MarigoldJanie Mixflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
MarigoldJanie Deep Orangeflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
MarigoldJanie Boleroflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
MarigoldAntigua Primroseflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
MarigoldAntigua Orangeflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PansyBlotchedflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PepperTiburon hot flats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PepperPagent sweet bananaflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PepperKing Arthur sweet redflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PepperKabal hot habanaroflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PepperHungarian hotflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PepperEarly Summer Yellow sweetflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PepperEarly Jalapeno hotflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PepperDeliro sweet orangeflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PepperBig Bertha sweet redflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PetuniaWave Purple Improved3" packet$2.50
PetuniaPatriot Mixflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PetuniaEasy Wave Yellow3" packet$2.50
PetuniaEasy Wave White3" packet$2.50
PetuniaEasy Wave Red Velour3" packet$2.50
PetuniaEasy Wave Red3" packet$2.50
PetuniaEasy Wave Pink Passion3" packet$2.50
PetuniaEasy Wave Burgundy Velour3" packet$2.50
PetuniaEasy Wave Blue3" packet$2.50
PetuniaDreams Whiteflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PetuniaDreams Pinkflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PetuniaDreams Mixflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PetuniaDreams Midnightflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PetuniaDaddy Sugarflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PetuniaDaddy Peppermintflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
PortulacaSundial Mixflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
SalviaVista Red shortflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
SalviaLighthouse tall redflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
SnapdragonRocket Mix tallflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
SnapdragonMontego Mix shortflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
SnapdragonLiberty Mix mediumflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
SpinachOlympia3" packet$2.50
TomatoWhopperflats & packets Peat pots$16.99/$1.99/$3.99
TomatoSweet Millionflats & packets Peat pots$16.99/$1.99/$3.99
TomatoSuper Fantasticflats & packets Peat pots$16.99/$1.99/$3.99
TomatoSunSugarflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
TomatoSteakhouseflats & packets Peat pots$16.99/$1.99/$3.99
TomatoMountain Rouge
flats & packets$16.99/$1.99
TomatoPink Girlflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
TomatoLemon Boyflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
TomatoHealth Kickflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
TomatoFiesta Salsa Hybrid flats & packets$16.99/$1.99
TomatoLaRoma IIIflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
TomatoChef's Choice Blackflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
TomatoGrand Marshallflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
TomatoGladiatorflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
TomatoEarly Girlflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
TomatoChef's Choice Oangeflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
Tomatoflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
TomatoCarolina goldflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
TomatoBrandy Boyflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
TomatoBetter Boyflats & packets Peat pots$16.99/$1.99/$3.59
Tomato4th of julyflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
VincaTitan Mixflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
Violamixedflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
WatermelonCrimson Sweet3" packet$2.50
ZinniaDreamland Redflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
ZinniaDreamland Mixflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
ZinniaBenarie giant mix tallflats & packets$16.99/$1.99
zucchiniSpineless Perfection green3" packet$2.50
zucchiniEasy Pick Gold3" packet$2.50
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