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Mr. Green Genes

9/1/2016 - When YOu Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It! As we trudge through this presidential selection season, I find it strangely amusing all the possible choices people claim there are available to them. Some say “Trump” some say “Hillary” some say anyone but “Trump” some say anyone but “Hillary” and some claim to have even different choices. Yesterday I stopped at an ice cream store to get a cone. When the clerk asked me what I wanted, I did not say “not Chocolate” because I am smart enough to know that that was not an answer to the question asked.... Read more
8/10/2016 - What is The Truth? We think we know the truth, but do we? Is what we know truth or fiction? Is it the whole truth? Where do our facts come from and is what we thinl we see actually what has happened? Is what we know to be true today going to be true tomorrow as well?... Read more
1/19/2016 - You Can't Do That. Last week the Wisconsin High School athletic Association sent out guidelines to the schools in their state in an attempt to control the crowds at their athletic events. They are banning certain cheers that have here to fore been a part of many athletic events. Such cheers as “Air Ball’, “You Can’t Do That”, “Scoreboard”, “We Can’t Hear You”, “Fundamentals”, “There’s A Net there” and a few others.....Read more>>>
12/31/2015 - Playing In The Big House Now. At 92 years of age Dr. William Nettleman left his earthly friends and moved on to his next mission. Go Green .... Go Blue. Read more>>>
12/21/2015 - Bully Pulpit. We attempt to teach our kids to be polite and respect others. Then we model to them just how our next President of the United States acts. We teach them not to be bullies on the playground then .... Read more>>>
12/8/2015 - Assult Weapons. I ran across some statistics concerning two different assault weapons that are currently a significant problem in the United States. Both are often used to kill innocent people and both a currently legal to possess by persons of the right age and who have a license for them. ..... Read more>>>
11/30/2015 - Me and my Shadow. I had a great uncle who had a pair of gelded pulling horses. Their names were Sam & Fred. ..... Read more>>>
11/23/2015 - Let's Play Hearts. As a kid at home our family, dad, mom, my older brother and I would often spend an evening eating popcorn and playing a card game called Hearts. ..... Read more>>>
11/16/2015 - Freedom Is Not Free. The million student march was organized to try to meet certain demands for college students;....Read more>>>
11/9/2015 - All Men Are Created Equal, Or Not. Our U.S. constitution states that "All Men Are Created Equal". So why is it that our government considers it a greater crime to injur or wrong certain groups of people as oppossed to others? ........ Read more>>>

11/2/2015 - Band-Aids often don't fix the problem. Too often our legislators put a Band-Aid on a problem in an attempt to fix it. They see a problem and put a patch on it. They want you to think they are busy looking out for your best interest. Well often not so............ Read more>>>