From My Perspective
Mr. Green Genes

When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It!

As we trudge through this presidential selection season, I find it strangely amusing all the possible choices people claim there are available to them. Some say “Trump” some say “Hillary” some say anyone but “Trump” some say anyone but “Hillary” and some claim to have even different choices. Yesterday I stopped at an ice cream store to get a cone. When the clerk asked me what I wanted, I did not say “not Chocolate” because I am smart enough to know that that was not an answer to the question asked. When I order something to eat at McDonalds I don’t order not a “McDouble” because again that doesn’t tell the server what to get me. I could get a paper bag or a cup of coffee.
Now I understand that on November 8th, Election Day, there will be more than two choices on the ballot and one can even write in a selection. However since the Republican party was founded in 1854 every president elected has been from either the Democratic or Republican party. Prior to that time it was the Democratic Party verses the Whig Party. So it would seem to me that voting for other than the Republican or Democratic nominee is like getting into an elevator on the 2nd floor and pushing a button to go sideways; it’s fruitless, “cause”… it ain’t gonna happen. Now if 16 obstinate people push a button to go sideways and one person steps in and pushes the up button, guess where you are headed? I get it that Trump is not your ideal candidate, you wanted Cruz, so you push the button to go sideways. You wanted Sanders not Hillary, you push the button to go sideways. What do you get? Someone steps on the elevator and pushes the down button and away we go, down. Now suppose a basketball player decides he doesn’t like the basket his team has chosen to shoot at for the first half. He surely isn’t going to shoot at his opponent’s basket but he knows he doesn’t like his either. Then he notices a very enticing basket at the side of the court over the spectator section and chooses to shoot at it. Since he is a very good player he makes a basket every time he attempts a shot at that lovely side basket. In the first half alone he sinks 10 shots. Unfortunately at the end of the half the score is his team 6 and the opponents 32. You see every time he sunk a basket, his team scored zero and the opponents got the ball out of bounds.
There is a new drug on the market used to control Diabetes called Toujeo. It seems to be an advancement in the control of Diabetes over previous medications. If you check the side effects however you will see that it can cause shortness of breath, sudden weight gain, swelling of the feet and ankles, you shouldn’t operate heavy equipment while taking and it may cause heart failure. What? May cause heart failure? I have been looking for a drug that “may cause heart failure”. Every choice we make likely comes with some side effects. You don’t like the brash attitude of Trump. You don’t like the way Hillary handled her Email account. So what? Look at the choices you have and figure out which realistic choice best meets your needs. There is only one person I know who has the exact same beliefs that I do and that is me. Everyone else diverges from my beliefs somewhere. I however am not a choice in this November’s election. Each of us needs to sit down and evaluate which of the two choices give us will most likely take this country in a direction that we feel most fits our needs.
As you enter the voting booth this fall you will see that before you is a fork in the road. One fork says Trump the other says Clinton. As Yogi Berra once said, “when you come to a fork in the road, take it.”