From My Perspective
Mr. Green Genes

Assault Weapons

I recently ran across some statistics concerning two different assault weapons that are currently a significant problem in the United States. Both are often used to kill innocent people and both are currently legal to possess by persons of the right age and who have a license for them. One of them, a gun was used this past week in a mass shooting in California to kill 14 innocent people. Immediately there is an outburst of cries from those on either side of the gun control issue to either increase the gun control laws or to maintain the 2nd amendment right to bear arms. The site I was reading said that to date in 2015 there have been 57 deaths due to mass shootings and 10,661 deaths due to murder by guns. It would seem only logical that we as a country should attempt to reduce these numbers by some means. But we seem to be at odds as to what is the means that will accomplish the intended goal?
The other assault weapon is legal once a person reaches the age of 21 in most states. This weapon has caused the death of 31,361 persons so far this year. But we hear very little cry from either side of the political isle as to trying to control this weapon. The weapon of choice for these killers is the automobile at the hands of a drunken driver.
If your goal is to reduce deaths in our country, then eliminating mass gun killings would have saved 57 people so far this year. If your goal is to reduce deaths due to murder by guns you would have saved 10,661. If your goal is to reduce deaths in general why not attack a more pressing problem like drunk driving. Since banning the use of automobiles would infringe on too many people, why not eliminate the sale of alcohol? Oh wait, we tried that back in the 1920’s and that didn’t work then either so we repealed the 18th amendment.
Remember your chances of death during this life are 100%. So what we as US citizens want to do is show others that we care about them and want them to live better longer lives. The reason, I believe, so many are jumping on the gun control band wagon, a right that is guaranteed each citizen but the 2nd amendment is not because it is going to save a great number of lives. There are far better places to attack that problem. So far in 2015 there have been; 31,361 drunk driving deaths, 15,583 homicides in general, 91,842 deaths due to hospital associated infections,194,817 deaths due to medical errors. I think the reason many choose to call for gun control is more likely the same reason that “Pet Rocks” were popular in the 1970’s and “Beanie Babies” were popular in the 1990’s. It is the thing to do and it shows we care about what others think of us.
We cannot legislate morality and force a person to be good, we can only show by example what good looks like and hope the person understands the choice of good over evil is the best for both them an our society. These moral values are values that need to be taught by the family, the church and the community. If we look closely, they definitely not being practiced and mentored to us by our politicians.
Think back to the past. Who were the good guys we grew up with and used as mentors? Roy Rogers - Gene Autry - John Wayne - Matt Dillon. Picture them in your mind and remember that in every case of gun related violence, the only way we have of stopping a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun.