From My Perspective
Mr. Green Genes

Bully Pulpit

Last week I watched much of the Republican debate and last night I watched most of the Democratic debate. For the most part I don’t think either debate gives one a good sense of what the candidates might do if elected. There seems to be a lot of talking around the subjects being discussed and a whole lot of “your bad and I’m good” or “I’m better than you and you’re not as good as I”. What really disgusts me is how they model good behavior to the audience they are trying to capture. The debate starts with a set of rules that the candidates agree to follow. They then proceed to ignore them the rest of the debate. Last night with three Democratic candidates on stage there was often three people talking at one time or one would make a point and the other two would start talking out of turn to counter punch. Neither moderator had the guts to demand the rules be followed. Why not just turn off their mike? What I took away from last night’s Democratic debate is that candidate Clinton apparently because she is best known, feels she can bully her way into the conversation whenever she wants. The same happened in the Republican debate. So it is truly a bipartisan problem. We attempt to teach our kids to be polite and respect others. Then we model to them just how our next President of the United States acts. We teach them not to be bullies on the playground but it is OK for the President of the United States of America to be a bully. If it was a basketball game, and one candidate was shooting a free throw, another candidate would step into the lane, wave his or her arms and try to block the attempt. The official might say, no, no don’t do that, it is against the rules. But no sanctions would be issued to the offender. It’s no wonder we have trouble getting members of our society to follow the rules we adopt. What our politicians model to us is the rules of debate apply to everyone except me when it is in my best interest not to follow them. The rules of common decency apply to everyone else but me. One should not be a bully unless that person has the power to do so. The rules of the Constitution of the United States apply to everyone except those who have the power to do as they please. I now better understand the term BULLY PULPIT.