From My Perspective
Mr. Green Genes

Me and My Shadow

I had a great uncle who had a pair of gelded pulling horses. Their names were Sam & Fred. These two horses would work well all day long so long as Sam was hitched on the left and Fred on the right. Both were so close in size and shape that my uncle had trouble telling them apart. Many days he would have to re-hitch them when they weren’t working well together and get them on the correct side of each other. Finally he decided to fix the problem so he clipped the main off on the white horse and left it long on the black horse so he wouldn’t have trouble distinguishing between them in the future. To say that we should not see black and white as different is absurd. Certainly there is a difference. If we couldn’t distinguish between black and white we couldn’t read the word typed with black ink on a white piece of paper. When I check my skin color against the color charts at the paint store it is nowhere near white and that of Magic Johnson’s is nowhere near black. We are not black and white we are a myriad of different colors on the outside. But we are likewise a myriad of different heights and weights as well. When Fred and Sam stood next to the barn and you looked at their shadow their shadows were identical, in bright sunlight the shadows were real distinct and on an overcast day the shadows were a little harder to find. Likewise our shadows are not affected by the color of our outward skin. It is what the light is trying to pass through that causes the shadow. Any place we go in this life, if there is any light around us, we cast a shadow. It is our influence on the world around us. We should evaluate who we are and who those around us are by the shadow and influence we and they have on the world we exist in. The shadow we cast and the influence we have is not determined by our outward appearance. It is rather determined by what we are made of and what we do with the gifts we have at our disposal. Your goal today should be to cast a shadow that makes someone’s life around you more enjoyable and the world you live in better than had you not been here soaking up the light our creator shines down on the spot you occupy. Personally, I don’t want to have to cut my main so you can tell me apart from others around me.