From My Perspective
Mr. Green Genes

Band-Aids often don't fix the problem.

As a young child my mother often used a simple Band-Aid to sooth a scratch or minor cut. Whether it actually helped or not, my guess is that in many cases it did not. But the thought that it was there, made me feel better. One summer day my older brother fell from the top of a step ladder and broke his arm and suffered a compound fracture of the radial bone in his forearm. My mother was smart enough to recognize that this was not a Band-Aid fixable problem. It required a more well thought out solution.
Earlier this month Lansing firefighter Dennis Rodeman was killed by a hit-and-run driver while participating in an annual fundraiser to raise funds for muscular dystrophy research. We likely have all seen this fund raiser taking place around our state and perhaps country. This particular hit-and-run driver actually targeted the fire fighter with his auto and succeeded in killing the fire fighter. Almost immediately there was talk from some legislators that this practice of passing the “boot” should be outlawed. This MS fund raising practice by fire fighters raises thousands of dollars each year by each fire fighting unit involved. Apparently this is a Boo-Boo that needs fixing. Let’s pass a law…. A Band-Aid.
In Oct of 2015, Robert Williams, a 25-year-old worker at the Ford Motor Company Factory in Flat Rock, Michigan, is said to be the first man in history to be killed by a robot. A robotic arm designed to pick up and remove stray parts from a work-area began functioning slower than normally intended, and Williams entered the area to speed up the process by picking up the parts himself. The robotic arm descended unexpectedly, killing him instantly. Perhaps we should pass a law banning the use of robotic devices in factories. We could put a Band-Aid on that problem as well.
We already have laws that prohibit distracted driving, but our legislators push to add laws that would ban texting and driving, talking on cell phones and driving. Band-Aid… Band-Aid. When a deranged person cuts loose and guns down one or a bunch of innocent people the cry from many legislators is for more gun control laws. To me that is just another Band-Aid.
The problems involved in the examples above are not simple and likely are not going to be fixed by passing another law.
Band-Aid… Band-Aid… Band-Aid… Band-Aid. Band-Aids fix little booboos. They don’t really address the source of the problem. The problem just might be we don’t have enough people who respect others around them, or who do not expect to be held accountable for their own action or who don’t realize that the journey we take along life’s path and the scenery we see along that journey are a whole lot more important than the destination we think we want to arrive at. Band-Aids are pretty and serve a function, but that function is not to fix problems which arise when a person’s mind and soul do not conform to what our society deems acceptable.