From My Perspective
Mr. Green Genes

Freedom Is Not Free!

Keely Mullen a spokesperson for the recently organized million student march really misses the purpose of life. The million student march was organized to try to meet these demands for college students;
1. Free college education
2. Forgiving of all student loans
3. Free housing for students
4. $15 an hour minimum wage for college students.
Attention Keely and others joining in your demands! Life is not about where you get to in life. The demands being made by the organizers of the million student march want to assure that all students get an education and receive their college degree with little to no “skin in the game” for them. If life were about where we get to, we would take a new born child to the funeral home as that is where they are going to end up in life. Life is rather about the journey we take to get to that funeral home. Life is about the scenery we see along the way, the successes and failures we experience, the people we meet and the things we do to add value to the world around us. That’s Life!! So the demands you are making, if realized will cause you to have a much less valuable life experience than you would otherwise have.
We can quite easily meet your demands for;
1. Free education
2. Free room and board
3. No worry about the debts you have
4. Enough money to meet your needs
We can incarcerate you in the state correctional facilities. The people who live there have all of those above needs met. The cost for meeting those needs is an extreme limitation on your freedoms. Freedom is not free. Ask those who have died for your freedom to make such ridiculous demands. Grow up. Work for what you want to have. Enjoy the life that happens while you journey toward your life goals.