From My Perspective
Mr. Green Genes

You Can't Do That

Last week the Wisconsin High School athletic Association sent out guidelines to the schools in their state in an attempt to control the crowds at their athletic events. They are banning certain cheers that have here to fore been a part of many athletic events. Such cheers as “Air Ball’, “You Can’t Do That”, “Scoreboard”, “We Can’t Hear You”, “Fundamentals”, “There’s A Net there” and a few others have been banned from being allowed at Wisconsin athletic events. WOW! Those are pretty racy and inflammatory cheers. Nothing like the tame cheers we had when I was in school like “A rope… A Tree…Hang The referee” or “1,2,3 Hang The Referee…3,2,1 Hang The Other One”. My understanding is that one of the goals of the student cheering section at home games is to be the 6th man. The only way they can affect the outcome of the game is to support and encourage their team and try to rattle the opponents and take them out of their game. Basically the student section is to be raucous and rather obnoxious. When they obnoxiousness crossed the line into a place they shouldn’t go, the event management usually the home school administration should move in and correct the situation. What Wisconsin has done is to once more remove from the adults in charge the responsibility of make actual judgment calls about how the student fans should act at home games. These zero tolerance rules take the responsibility of make decisions about how our youth should grow up out of the purview of local administrations and into the purview of “Big Brother”, the government. School districts are no longer able to decide what their student should learn and how they should act. It is too bad that government officials believe we have individuals in a position of mentoring our children that are not able to mentor. So once again government in some form or another sees the need to step in and see that we conform to what they believe is “right”. I am not sure how our generation ever survived growing up without all this governmental help. Perhaps we need to remove warning labels from all products and then perhaps many of the stupid people of the world will weed themselves out.